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As much as we enjoy creating great art, it's equally as joyful giving away the money to good causes. 

We don't use our charitable giving as a reason for people to buy... The artwork is the reason... giving away money or paintings happens behind the scene because that's who we are and what we enjoy doing. We give to a variety of good charitable causes, people in need, and those around our neighbourhood. 

During the Covid-19 Lockdowns, we dropped off countless gifts to a variety of homes around Finchampstead and the local area - with one aim: giving a positive message of hope and kindness. To those we knew and to many we have never met.

Again, while we were in New Zealand, we entered a set of 3 paintings into an auction, we then donated the entire money of the sale to a good local cause. It was awesome seeing both their surprise and their genuine appreciation.

Enough said.... enjoy the pictures.

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