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Firstly inspiration is needed, either we create the masterpiece based on our own inspiration, or if you are commissioning art, we look to you. Sometimes this may be a broad as some one wanting a bespoke canvas painting of a dog, other occasions it may be a present for a loved one in particular painting style, colour theme etc. If you want us to conduct a professional photoshoot, please ask and we can discuss and price this for you. 

Size & Price

There are 3 main parts that determine a painting's cost 


  1. Size -  the width ('x' axis), height ('y' axis) & edge.

  2. Materials - whether you choose a canvas board, box canvas, and whether it is framed or not.

  3. Subject - E.g. An abstract will involve a lot less time than a high detail painting of a group of people.

Prices may also vary according to the postage, duty or specific packing/gift wrap requirements etc.

Painting your masterpiece

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