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8 top tips on painting a personalised dog portrait …

Your furry companion deserves a portrait to be treasured and remembered forever. Admired by all who visit your home...

Tip 1 – Capture cute images of your pet dog, get down on their level. Catch the sparkle in their eyes, their playful nature, or their docile character.

Tip 2 – Take note of the texture of your furry friend. Is he fluffy? Does she have a double coat? Long or short hair?

Tip 3 – Observe a favourite toy that is played with. Does your dog love to play fetch as long as they possibly can, tirelessly? If there is a unique puppy – like instincts, be sure to catch that.

Tip 4 – Consider what their favourite poses are. How do they like to sleep? If they look cutest curled up fast asleep why not take a few snapshots of them while they snore on gently.

Tip 5 – You will no doubt have become very familiar if not fond of their own special ways. Do they come and rest on you if you get sad? Showing you all the love and understanding through those deep eyes and lend a paw.

Tip 6 – Have you ever noticed when you yawn your dog will too? It’s catching. Why not take some photos of them yawning or grinning from ear to ear.

Tip 7 – What story does your dog tell? Was she rescued? Has he been trained as a therapy dog? Maybe you have raised her from a puppy and is a childhood family pet. Tell their story….

Tip 8 - Have you been on any adventures with your dog? Travelling, beach days, paw prints in the sand, hiking up mountains, swimming in a lake together…

Whether you decide to commission a pet portrait or not – most important of all have fun and enjoy life with your furry friend.

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