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Deep within the heavy fringe, two eyes gaze back at you, unblinking. Splatters of paint surround the playful horned cow. This large canvas is 100x100cm. Framed in classic black 'Floating-Frame'.

Clients comments:

"After decorating my daughter's bedroom it was obvious very quickly that it needed a focal point and a big splash of colour. I spoke with Cassia at Hart Inspire to get some ideas and look through ideas based on my daughter's favourite animal. She loves cows! I commissioned Hart Inspire to paint a large and colourful painting. One metre by one metre to create a real focal point for the room. The painting was amazing, so much more than I had discussed with Cassia during the enquiry.

I gave the painting to my daughter as a surprise and she was absolutely blown away. She loves the painting and I know it will always be with her as she grows up and eventually moves to a place of her own.

A fantastic experience with a talented and professional company."


Happy Highland

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