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Hart Inspire Becomes Carbon Neutral

Hart Inspire is inspired by nature. With the importance of climate change growing Hart Inspire wants to do its part in being a sustainable company. In addition to giving away all the profits to charities and causes close to our hearts Hart Inspire has taken the next steps in sustainability.

Having looked at all the areas of activity where carbon was emitted, Hart Inspire has reduced this significantly by investing in ways which reduce these emissions. During this process, Hart Inspire started by making the switch to green energy. Here are some benefits of renewable energy use:

  • Less global warming.

  • Improved public health.

  • Inexhaustible energy.

  • Jobs and other economic benefits.

Another important investment we made is that all deliveries and collections done by Hart Inspire have switched from petrol transport to electric cars charged using green energy. This has drastically cut down on emissions-reducing our carbon footprint.

After these carbon reduction initiatives were made, the small remaining amount of carbon has been immediately offset. So, our final investment from Hart Inspire was a certified investment into a tree planting scheme in Africa. Hart Inspire is now a carbon-neutral company - giving you peace of mind your investment won't cost the earth - in both senses.

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